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Chuene by Dennis

Loss of Sight

Loss of Sight

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  • One of One Coat, no repeats
  • Front zip closure
  • Welt side pockets
  • Elongated wrist cuffs
  • Lined with 100% cotton speckled black and white to represent distorted picture found in earlier 80s-90s TV broadcasting
  • Multi layered lace and ripstop fabrics quilted with 74 meters of string/cord 
  • Cord/string is then sashiko hand stitched in white to mimic matrix numbers flowing down
  • Skillfully made to age/deteriorate overtime adding more character to the coat without loosing form, function, or design
  • Back face detail: protruding eyes layered with wool, cotton and offcuts to achieve a worm-like effect of eyes being eaten away from the inside. Covered with mesh and organza to give that contrasting dead fish grey eye effect. Whilst we may appear to be shocked and outraged by outside ideologies, inside we loosing sight of true sense of self and normalising herd thinking, stuck in bias echo chamber and virtue signalling

Care instructions: dry clean only

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